Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Double Volcano Cannon?

I think Forgeworld just jumped the shark.  The Volcano Cannon is a battle titan weapon (Warlord or Reaver Titan).  Something that is a double Volcano cannon is like a Imperator or Warmonger Titan weapon (Vengence Cannon comes to mind).  The baneblade type platform is usually rocking scout titan class weapons (plasma blastgun, vulcan megabolter) so not is this just 1 class bigger but 2.  Seems like someone is running out of ideas.


  1. Yep, running out of ideas indeed. A big problem is the constant releases and almost all of it being imperial. There is only so much of the same chasis you can do with a different gun on the top and keep it interesting.

    1. Reusing the bottom half does get you a new product in half the time. Not sure if anyone is really out there thinking that forge world needs to put out more large tanks. I think people would love to see more tech priest stuff though.

    2. In my opinion thats the worst thing about FW. They dont seem to expand on their exotic ideas and make complete ranges of them. Which im sure many people will love.