Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dreamforge Games: Leviathan Crusader Unboxing

Today we open the box on the Dreamforge Games Leviathan Crusader that I got as part of the sale last month.  I have previously noted that the box is pretty big.

The top of the box has a foam pad with the base sitting on top of it.  It is a very big base as you can see.  You also get the instructions printed on folded paper.  I also got an email directing me to updated digital instructions.

Under the foam, there are two stacks of sprues that were held together with rubber bands.  I think there were 11 total if I remember but do not quote me on that.  There are a lot of parts here so I am not sure if I would clip them all off and then wash and prime them of maybe it would be better to work from the sprue as you assemble to prevent confusion.

Each of the sprues has pins on the edges such that when stacked in the correct order the components do not touch.  I have reordered some of the stacks in my exploring hence some of the gaps.

Under the two sprue stacks there is a clear plastic pack that has additional components including a little screw driver and the screws that are used in assembly.

Here is a quick shot of my friendly marine who fits nicely inside the frame of the rotary cannon.  The barrel looks to be bigger than his head.

Something interesting happened during transport of my box.  The shipping box got a little squished which caused the box to be a little deformed.  Some of the pins then broke and one of the sprues just shattered into pieces.  I contacted Dreamforge games asking for an image of the sprue so I can identify all the pieces without having to dig through the instructions.  I quickly got a reply with the image and went about finding all the pieces.  I was able to find all the pieces and none where damaged in a significant way.  All the breaks happened on the sprue side of things and not the part itself which is pretty good for that many breaks.  It was also strange that none of the breaks had any whitening of the plastic due to stress, so they guessed that the damaged occurred during a cold period during transport.  It has been a pretty cold winter here in the midwest but was not that cold the week of the delivery.

After a little back and forth between Dreamforge and myself, we determined that I had everything and did not seem to need any replacement parts.  They even contacted me again a few days later to verify that I was fine with the parts I had.  While they did not immediately volunteer to replace the sprue, I still give them good marks on the customer service episode since I did not really need a replacement.  I am pretty sure they would have sent me one had I requested it but I am an honest gamer and everything was there and in reasonable condition.

Now the main issue people would probably have with the kit is the detail level.  The model is sculpted in a very plan style without all the embellishments that appear on GW kits.  The detail could be here as I show in the above picture of the plasma blade next the marine, it is just a design choice.  The Leviathan Crusader is like a B-17 bomber as a no nonsense instrument of war as opposed to an ornate ceremonial pistol.

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