Saturday, March 8, 2014

Eriochrome is Lord Business

I finally got out to see the Lego Movie with my daughter.  We were supposed to see it weeks ago as part of a classmates birthday party, but my daughter was sick that week and we have been busy every weekend since.  While I do not use the Kragle, I do have my sets separated by type and kept far away from the kids set.  Ofcourse I have no where near the layout that appears in the movie as I have many other hobbies (and not that much money).

I certainly do not use the legos in the same imaginative way my daughter does (or I used to as a kid).  Lego models have actually gotten so good at building that specific thing that it seems that is all the each set is for, but maybe we need to release the Krakens (kids) on the sets for some more fun (after I get the pictures for reviews at least).


  1. That movie had me completely until the scene at the end when someone (presumably "Dad") is shown squeezing the kragle so that it oozes down the tube in great globs. Suspension of disbelief broken. Nobody who has ever used cyanoacrylate would do that unless their goal was to glue their entire hand into a crusty fist.

    1. While that part was a little over the top, it was just showing enthusiasm for the use of the kragle.