Friday, March 7, 2014

Lego Star Wars A-Wing Set

Just like the issue facing Fantasy Flight Games with their X-Wing Miniature games, the lego company has to deal with the fact that the core movie Star Wars universe has a pretty limited selection of things to make as a product.  Today we look at the most recent version of the A-Wing from the Lego Star Wars series.  If I can recall this is the 4th A-Wing, they have produced.  As a big fan of the A-Wing from the X-Wing series of computer games and the fact that it is generally a cheaper ship, I now have 3 of these from different releases.

The current release has the ship and 3 minifigures and was retailed at like 25 dollars which is quite high and very near a threshold for not buying even on sale for such a small ship.  Mine above does not have any stickers applied since the stickers came in the box totally mashed and while I asked Lego for another set using their customer service line I never received it.

Here are the minifigures for the set.  You get a Admiral Ackbar figure who was formerly only available in the Mon Calamari Cruiser set.  You get a new A-Wing Pilot with a new helmet design which looks pretty nice.  The in the end you get another Han Solo.  This is a waste of a minifigure slot with essentially no relation to the model and one figure that really no one with Star Wars sets is going to be short off.

All the figures have printing on the back of the torsos but only the pilot has a second face.

The ship is pretty similar to the last two ones available.  Most noticable change is that the front tip has two different final lengths.

You can see the feature in question here on the X-Wing miniatures game model.  It is nice to see the detail here but it is clearly too wide.

Here are the previous two for comparison which have even front lines.

There are more detailing changes on the back of the ship but the construction is still pretty similar.

There is a removable compartment behind the pilot which is interesting but not a cool as the removable engine that was in the green A-Wing.

Overall, I like the smooth front construction of the new set but preferred the green one.  The new pilot minifigure is nice though.  A new B-Wing is coming out this summer which is very similar to the previous one but with new pilots so I will have to take a look. They had new play scale X-Wing and Y-Wings last year that I let pass due to the cost.  They had some nice figures but the costs were to high just for the figures. The B-wing will probably be the same as is it is much bigger set so hard to just pick up on a whim where there are also so many lego sets that I do not already have something equivalent like the up coming AT-AT.

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