Monday, March 3, 2014

Games Day Blood Bowl Lizardmen Team: Saurus

Another look at the Games Day Blood Bowl Lizardmen Team.  Previously I showed the skinks and Krox, so today I will go through the Saurus which are all 5 unique.  Again you are one short of the proper amount for the team and the replacements since this was a limited run are costly.

Lots of detail on these so I have a ton of pictures of them.  I have the models in no specific order so we will just go through them.

First guy has no helmet and a very pointy looking face.

Add in some brass knuckles and a nice emblem on the shoulder pad.

Plus the strapping on the back for holding the shoulder pads.

Helmetless again with an open mouth this time.  No shoulder pad on this side.

The shoulder pad looks like more of a hammered metal style.

Strapping on the back make it seem like this guy should have pads on both sides so I wonder if the arm has been swapped before these models made it to me.

No helmet with the tongue out getting a good whiff of all the perspiration and blood in the air.

Another cool little emblem on the shoulder pad.

This fine guy gets a belt added to the basic body.

Helmet plus detailed shoulder pad.

Another nice shoulder pad.

They all start to look pretty similar from the back.

This guy has the most detailing with a feathered headress and long tongue.

Without the arms attached you can see the armor strips coming down from the belt.

Again nice detailing on the shoulder pads.

Ok that is all for the minis in this team.  Not bad work by GW on the very old school saurus's to make them a team.  To bad it never saw a wide release as they are more characterful than the normal metal lizardmen team but lizardmen do have a solid range of plastic warhammer fantasy models to convert a team from.  I used older models but the newer temple guard plastics could be quite nice.

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