Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blood Bowl: Games Day Lizardman Team: Skinks and Kroxigor

So today we take a look at something special from my blood bowl collection.  This is the Games Day Lizardman team that was created for a US Games Day before the more recent lizardman team was designed.  From the look of them I would guess that they started as Warhammer Fantasy Battle models that a sculptor added some additional details to make them a Blood Bowl Team.  There are a ton of pics for this team so I have seperated it into the Skinks plus Kroxigor then the Sauris.  There was something like 200 of these teams produced so it was a pretty limited release.

The team came with 6 skinks, 3 each in 2 different sculpts.  This skink has shoulder pads on both side with nice detailing in the face logo on one.

Here we can see we have a modest skink with a loincloth.

The second skink has his top fin extend up more.

Again the skink has some details on his shoulder pads plus strapping and belts.  The teams 6 skinks is 3 less than the full roster so these guys as individuals fetch a fair price on ebay.  Might have to try to find some similar old fantasy ones to round out the team.

Here we have the Kroxigor.  The first thing to note is that the head is wrong.  The original head for the Games Day Kroxigor had a large plume.  The providence of this set is unknown as I got it on a internet trade site so I am guessing someone thought it look stupid and replaced without thinking that this set might be a collector piece.  Other than that the detailing is really nice.  Look at that shoulder pad on this side.

Back has some strapping.

The straping on the chest has additional little buttons plus an elbow pad.

More detailing on other shoulder pad plus a brass knuckle type of object.  Overall it is a pretty nice model.  Not as animalistic as the current kroxigors but it certainly needs a little green stuff work at the neck which might be due to the head swap.


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    1. Have to say that I do not really care for the old head? I would be interested in one but the price would have to be better reasonable.