Wednesday, March 19, 2014

X-Wing Miniatures: Slave I Expansion

So today I take a look at the contents of the Slave I expansion pack for the X-Wing Miniature game.  Now this ship was part of the 2nd wave so old news to people who have played the game from the beginning but some newer players might be interested in see what is inside.

You get the ship, dial, 2 ship base cards, tokens and cards galore.

The ship looks pretty good.

Wear patterns on the paint are a nice touch.

Good detailing on the engine side.

Overall another very good model.  One thing to note is that the Firespray can fire its primary weapons to both the forward and rear arcs.  Not a good as a turret but still useful.

The tokens include those for the mines and charges that are available for the Firespray-31.

You get 4 pilots to choose from.  The basic pilot runs 33 points which is pretty pricey but you have a total of 10 hull plus shields and a 2 defense value so a tough ship.  Looks to me though if you are going to play this Kath or Boba's card texts are worth the extra points.

I split the cards into two sets.  First we have the secondary weapons.  2 Cannons, 2 Missiles, and 2 mines/charges.  The missiles, mines, and charges are all one use.  Not total sure how I feel about the mines yet need to look over the text some more.

The other upgrade cards are 2 veteran skills, 2 crew members, 2 copies of stealth device and the Slave 1 title card.  Ofcourse the gunner goes well on the falcon if you are short the points to get Luke or want him in an X-Wing.

You also get the Preystalker mission which is pretty much the empire needs to kill 1 ship and the rebels need to kill all the enemies first.  Not a mission for events since it has special list generation rules but definitely could be fun.

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