Monday, March 24, 2014

Blood Bowl Pro Elf Team

This is Games Workshop's more recent Pro Elf team for Blood Bowl.  When third edition launched they had wood elves, dark elves, and High elves which all got new models due to the phase out of lead during the transition between 2nd edition and 3rd edition blood bowl.  The Pro Elf team did not reappear in the rules until later.

I have a 16 player team with 2 throwers, 4 catchers, 2 Blitzersm and 8 lineman.  The models are very disappointing compared to the 2nd edition elf team.

There are two models for the catchers so I have two of each to fill out the team so you can see the front and back of both in the picture.  They are set up in a leaping position.  The previous owner of the team pinned two of them into the air which is a nice idea just need to hide the pin with some static grass.

Only 1 thrower model so he also gets doubled up.  His face looks pretty weird.

I will honestly admit I have a very hard time telling the Blitzers from the lineman for this team.  I think these are the blitzers as I only have 1 of each and have 2 of the other but who can really know.  Probably have to use painting scheme to tell them apart.

These are models are the one I think are the lineman.   Overall this team is not GW's best work. The models are all very small and thin and just look like the are begging to be crushed on the pitch.  I guess that is what Elves do but I still prefer my 2nd ed team to this one which is here for completeness.

If I was looking for a Pro Elf Team for Blood Bowl I would probably look for one of the other manufacturers product over these.


  1. Yeah, those really are a step back from 2nd edition ones.
    The catcher models are what bug me the most, as to me they look like they're diving into a swimming pool or something.
    And as you say, Blitzers and Liners don't differ much from each other, so either the paint job tells them apart or possibly some sort of conversion might.

    1. They are just catching the ball at its highest point. Just give them all diving catch.

  2. I have to be honest, these are some of my favourite Blood Bowl miniatures. I bought them as soon as I found out the game was being discontinued.

    1. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Well I am glad they work for you. I think I was first turned off when I faced them on the pitch a few years ago and they just seemed so small compared to the ones I was used to.