Friday, May 16, 2014

Blood Bowl Dwarf Deathroller

Another item for my Blood Bowl Archive, the most recent dwarven deathroller. This is the third of these that GW has produced.  It comes with like 15 parts and was a very pricey model costing almost as much as the 12 man team boxes when it was dropped from sale with the rest of the specialist games stuff last year.

The base is metal to help with the balance and weighting of the model.  It has some details like a helmet and ball and some little holes to align the mounting.

The model has 5 front wheels which need to be aligned.  I am not sure how well these will hold together without pinning.  Seems like an easy model to break with a drop or fall.

The driver is of course a crazy looking guy.  This is a pretty characterful model compared to the more plain earlier versions and will look pretty good when I get it together.

This was the third edition version.  I also have a second edition version but do not see that I have posted any photos off it yet.


  1. The newer one's do look good but they are a massive pain to use on the pitch. I kinda like the old style one, but maybe I am biased to the one my team has.

  2. Thanks for coming by Tristan. If I remember from my dry assembly a significant amount of the model does hang over the already big guys sized base. I could imagine that they might be tough to fit in the scrums.