Wednesday, May 21, 2014

X-Wing Miniatures: Imperial Shuttle Expansion

Another X-Wing Miniatures Expansion on the table today, Lambda Class Imperial Shuttle.  This is a 30 dollar set with a single larger ship.

You get the standard collection of cards, dial, and counters along with a mini rule supplement.

The ship can be placed on the stand with the wings up or down.

I found that a considerable amount of force was required to get the wings open to the proper angle the first few times.  Care must be taken to not try to over flex the wings.  This is the proper angle for them trying to go farther risks breaking the model.

The model looks pretty good with several guns.

Including the Anti-Pursuit lasers which are available as an option.

A little close up of the model details.  Not to bad.  Now that we have looked at the model what about the cards/

The cost for the shuttle runs from 21 to 27 with 3 attack, 1 defense and 5 each for shields and hull.  The ships can get a cannon, advanced system, and two crew members as upgrades but none of the pilots can get a veteran skill.  Unlike the Falcon or Slave I, the shuttle only has front fire for its weapons which is a significant downside with its sluggish movement.

There are 5 upgrade cards covering the options for the ship.  Due to the large size of the ship advanced sensors can be helpful to avoid losing actions to collisions.

Then 6 crew member options.

You also get a new mission which is pretty much a rescue mission that the Shuttle does well since it has a zero speed option which allows for the best collection of the stranded assets.


  1. I have this model nice looking ship also just got the rebel Transporter and the Tantive IV which are amazing

    1. Thanks for coming bye. Just had a Tantive IV ordered for my fathers day present so should have it in a couple of weeks.