Friday, June 27, 2014

Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Treeman

Very excited to have picked this guy up on ebay from the UK.  Just arrived yesterday to fill in a hole in my Blood Bowl collection as I had no second edition treemen.  It was not cheap but not really more expansive than any GW finecast blister now for a model this size.  Given this model is probably 20-25 years old (copyright data stamp 89) not to bad of condition either.  Never painted as far as I can tell but was formerly glued together.  The 2nd edition treeman models are also on the rarer side as it is not like you can go to ebay at any random time and find them for sale at a reasonable buy now price.  Another one I saw recently was in a 2nd ed halfling team that listed at like 250 dollars.  I do not have that team and an a collector but no I will pass.

Here we have him standing up.

Check out the birds nest on the shoulder.  Certainly not a speed player.

Now the back.  I now have 2 treeman to field with my 3rd ed halfling team so getting that team closer to being a real usable group.  Treemen are often tricky to sculpt for blood bowl and I have to admit that I have not seen many really excellent ones.  This guy is sort of comical looking but not stupid looking like say the 3ed Chaos Dwarves with their hats.

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