Monday, June 30, 2014

Lego Simpson Minifigures

Lego has recently done a licensing deal with the Simpsons.  Earlier this year they released a Simpsons House and the Simpsons did a Lego themed episode.  Now they have made the most recent launch of the Lego Collectable Minifigure line a Simpsons release after the last release was a Lego Movie based one.  I picked up 13 of the 16 as a former big time Simpson fan.  We have not watch the show that much recently mainly due to it not quite being little kid friendly and the fact that it is on just as we are putting the kids to bed.

Now the figures look just perfect as Lego versions of the characters.  Actually too perfect with them all having custom molded heads.  It makes it seems like they took lego bodies and placed action figure heads on them.

I wish they looked more like they did on the show which is more lego minifigure like.  The heads just lack the proper round cylinder shape.

Ned has an I love South Paws cup and Mr Burns has his friend Blinky.

Lisa has a molded saxophone while Maggie has a pretty beat up bear.

I ended up with so many of these figures since the first time I saw them I did not have time to check them and just bought a handful and ended up with an Itchy, Nelson, and Ralph that I would probably not have gotten.

Lego has gotten a little overboard in their customer molding for the license lines.  In this case I think it detracts from the product as opposed to improving it.

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