Monday, June 16, 2014

Tantive IV Docking at Sons of Twilight

My wonderful wife and kids got me the X-Wing Miniatures Game Tantive IV for Father's Day.  Since we were across town most of the day going to the Zoo and visiting my mom, I did not get very long to examine it or get a picture so I used my old one of my Lego version.  The FFG one is not as long and only about half as wide.

When we got home the Game of Thrones season finale was on so I could only quickly go through the rules last night, lots of new stuff in there.  While bare minimum is 90 points I doubt you will see many with less than 30-40 points of upgrades.  Seems to me that the bane of the Corvettes would be a tie fighter swarm of course.  More to come later in the week as I parse out all the details and get the photos taken.

The new ranges and weapons gives me a good excuse to dig out my +-Wing shooting probability calculator to see what is effective against various targets.

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