Friday, June 13, 2014

X-Wing Intro Games

Last week I showed a friend that I had not seen in a while X-Wing.  He is a serious Blood Bowl player and while he does have more than a few Blood Bowl teams, he actually gets out and plays so he is not a hoarder of unused and unpainted minis like me.  I followed advice I had seen on MetalBikini and set up 4 different 50 point lists.  They were Chewie flying the falcon with Luke as crew, Boba in Slave I with a Recon Specialist, Stealth Generator, and Homing Missile, 4 Tie Fighters (2 Academy and 2 Obsidian), and a Rookie X-Wing with Astromech with Dutch with a torpedo and Astromech.

We just did kill battles with asteroids on a slightly narrow table.  First encounter was Boba vs Chewie.  I think that I ran into the back of the falcon like three times as we weaved our was through the asteroids.  Luke took down the stealth device on the first shot and the higher shields and hull of the falcon allowed it to wear me down but I did better than the last time I tried this 50 point demo where 2 ties and a advanced barely scratched the falcon.  For this particular match up the stealth device is not a good buy so I will probably look for something else to spend those points on for the next time.

Second battle was 4 Ties verses X-Wing and Y-Ying.  My opponent tried to pincer me 2 flights of 2 ties but had trouble getting the movement down and kept hitting the asteroids as he tried to line up shots.  A couple of other small errors with learning the movement cost him the game with both of the rebel ships surviving though their shield had been depleted.  For the astromechs, the Y-wing had the one where all 1 and 2 moves are green which allowed me to clear a K turn stress marker quickly at the end of the battle.  The X-Wing had the one that fixes ship criticals which never was used and he would benefited from the other droids as he did a k-turn about have way through the battle but could never get the stress cleared as he dodge asteroids and tried to keep the ties in his fire arc.  The stress marker was not as detrimental for the list since Dutch could get him target locks as long as I kept them close.

My opponent enjoyed the game but said he would probably not buy in but as I have a good collection from my collector tendency I can front him ships for a game some time in the future.  Fathers Day is coming up and I am getting something big for X-Wing so check out next week for a review.

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