Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Your Baby Corvette is so Cute

While I had the X-Wing Miniatures Tantive IV out for some pictures, I decided to get its picture next to my Lego version.   The Lego version is 95% of the proper scale from the FFG star fighter models while their model is 58% of the star fighter scale.  These two next to each other made me think about how my kids assign things as baby and mommies/daddies when they have to similar things in different sizes.  My son has two Luigi's from the Cars movies.  One is about matchbox scale while the other one is bigger such that it wheels line up with wooden track sizes.  Big one is the daddy and the little one is the baby.  So we get the same thing here.

For practical reasons the log based size scale makes sense but it would be cool to see someone play with a scale star destroyer (6 m long).


  1. I have always liked the Tantiv. The rebel ships from the movies have always appealed to me. From how they where made in production to how the appeared on screen. Thats a pretty cool craft there.

  2. Thanks for the comment. The model looks pretty good but still thinking about the game play options. One set up for direct combat costs the same as 10 basic ties which if they close have a shot at killing it in 1 turn.

  3. The X-Wing version is more correctly proportioned to the actual film model, however. It astonishes me that despite all the visual records the people who produced the third-party merchandise had access to, they could still so HORRIFICALLY botch the scaling proportions of the different ships (they even botched the proportions of Tantive IV during her brief appearance in Episode III!). I'm actually pleasantly surprised the X-Wing miniature actually follows the correct proportions.

    Incidentally, the X-Wing miniature isn't TOO far off scale. The Corvette is about 150m long, vs. the X-wing's 12.5m, so ~12 X-wings in length. The miniature is ~9.5 X-wings, so not too bad, really.

  4. There is some discussion about the scale of various things.

    Using the reported 1/270 scale from fantasy flight then the corvette is quite small.