Tuesday, July 22, 2014

X-Wing Miniatures: Imperial Aces

Up for inspection is the Imperial Aces expansion set for the X-Wing Miniatures Game.  It is essentially buy two tie interceptors and get nothing free.  That is not entirely true but lets see what we have in the box.

Two small ships, cards, tokens, etc.

Six pilot options(5 new) available with costs from 21 to 26.  Interceptors have always been pricey and these ships do not really help that.  The problem is not really that interceptors are expensive, it is more that Tie Fighters are probably a point or 2 cheaper than they should be.

You get 2 copies of 6 upgrade cards so it is sort of like buying two individual fighters.

I think I prefer the Sabre Squadron to the Royal Guard.  The solid red is just to much for me.

I guess it is not to overpowering.

Now when I said buy two interceptors and get nothing free that is not really true.  You get a new mission and the counters/tokens to go with it.  FFG sure likes those tokens.  This mission involves a lot of tokens to represent bonus upgrades that can be gained during the battle.

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