Friday, July 25, 2014

Lego Hobbit: Lonely Mountain Preview

Lego is previewing the Lonely Mountain set at San Diego Comic Con this week.  This set is pretty expensive even as license sets go at $129.99 for 860 or so pieces.  You get 5 minifigures, dwarf mine and throne room scenery and Smaug. Smaug is about twice as big as the dragon in the recent castle Dragon Mountain set but unfortunately he is not brick built, instead made with large custom molds.  He seems bigger than the Rancor from the Star Wars line and does not look bad but not very Lego like which is a real disappointment.

Like the recent Simpsons minifigures some of the magic is lost when you just make custom molds for everything.  Smaug there looks about twice the size of the brick eagle that I showed with my Attack of the Wargs set.  This eagle was about 15 dollars so doubling the size increases this by 8 so 100 dollars still leaving money for some other stuff if you make a proper lego brick dragon.  One of my favorite Lego Lord of the Rings sets is the Shelob Attacks which has a great brick built spider in it.

Another concern is that there are apparently no Lord of the Rings sets in the summer release window which might mean that the line is over as last year the Lord of the Rings sets were in the summer and Hobbit in the Christmas releases.  Which would be a real shame as there were at least another release worth of stuff from those movies with their like 12 hours of extended edition runtime.  I just watch the whole extended editions again as I work on my basement and really find those movies much better than the Hobbit series.  My wife says there was so much more to work with that all the fights did not have to be drag out to such length with stupid stunts.

On the lego side again, they never did a Balrog (which would be awesome brick built) or a Nazgul on fellbeast. Witch King vs Eowyn set would have been great as it would have included something cool like a fell beast and had a solid female character shown which is a weakness for this Lego line.  No Osgiliath or Lothlorian sets were done.  Hopefully they are saving up one more set of releases for next year but given that there are no movies in the line coming I would be doubtful.  I have many of the sets from these lines and would love to see more.

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