Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another Mantic Kickstarter: Dungeon Saga

Mantic is doing another kickstarter.  I do not know if they have delivered all the stuff on their last one but this is how they do things.  Pay now and get it in 1 year.  It funded in no time at all but they set that level very low and I think people were mainly pledging on potential.  The game appears to be an update of their Dwarf's Hold game.  The listing above is for through the first day of stretch goals but I still think it is pretty weak for 100 dollars.  I got my D&D coop games for like 45 dollars and they have like 40+ minis each and interlocking tiles.

I am a fan of these types of games but this one needs to grow quite a bit to separate me from my coin.  I would like to see more tiles definitely and a few more heroes and villians.  They clearly have another hero designed as he is on the cover art but not in the set.  I think maybe if they get the second expansion with the elves and orcs included in the 100 dollars, I might be tempted.

Mantic's business really does seem to be these kickstarters.  If you look up the Dwarf Hold on the website the original one is sold out but still linked to in certain places yielding 404 errors if you want to maybe know what it contained.  They have two products listed still, the Green Menace Game (Elves vs Orcs) which is clearanced priced at 15 pounds for 28 multipart models and the rest of the game stuff (compared to 100 dollars for the assembled different ones here) and a tile set for 8 pounds which is supposed to come with other stuff but now apparently does not according to a comment left on the page and unasnwered by mantic.

They mentioned they were doing add on wednesdays so I would not be suprised if the but the model sets for the other games in as those for like 25 dollars for the 25-30 models but that does not really help the bad starting value of the core offering here.

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