Monday, August 11, 2014

Dungeon Saga Kickstarter: One Week In

Mantic has moved their Dungeon Saga Kickstarter into its second week.  The got 325K of pledges (preorders) for the game for the first week but that was dominated by the first day 200K haul from 2000 pledges.  After the first two days the number of new pledgers drop significantly to about 125 per day average.  To keep the totals going up they have started adding more optional upgrades.  The first real upgrade that adds significantly to the game is the Warlord of Galahir expansion for 25 dollars you get 12 more minis, new tiles, cards and scenarios.

While this addition is not badly valued I am wondering if it will pick up extra stuff or parts of it will go into the base pledge as the title says warlord but I see no villain or heroes in that pack, as the base game still seems pretty weak for me at 100 dollars.  Putting the parts of the expansion into the basic pledge makes it look like a better value but would also encourage people to add the expansion to get the best use out of the pieces.  You can see this in the 250 stretch goal where a set of 3 goblins shows up in the base pledge.  They added solo and full coop play to the game for both hero and villain sides which is interesting but the model count is still pretty low at 42 and they have not added any new tiles or monsters in a while.

I personally would like to see it pick up a couple of more monsters types and female heroes for the base game.  They have attached rules for KOW monsters and added upgrades for KOW models at a pretty good value but starter pledge is lacking compared to other Dungeon Crawlers.  It is also hard to judge the value since they are so vague about the dungeon tiles and number of scenarios.  I would probably like to see 10 heros, 8  villians, and 12 monster types for 100 dollars.  They have 3 weeks to get there so we shall see it they can get into my wallet.

I did check out the alpha basic rules last week.  The combat mechanics are fast but the rules are certainly very basic with only 3 stats for characters (move, attack dice, defense value) and an feat.  Movement is also very restrictive where you cannot move from one square in the opponents front arc (squares on front facing and one on each side) to another square in his arc or another enemies arc.  Looks like you will have to fight your way through the narrow chambers.

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