Friday, August 22, 2014

Reaper Announces Bones II Kickstarter will Miss Initial Shipment Date

Reaper in their lastest kickstarter update let everyone know that they will not be shipping on time again.  It appears that this time they decided to actually check there production samples to prevent the appearance of any more alien cowgirls and children.  Some failed the inspections so the molds will have to be redone.  I was on reaper a lot about this before backing the second kickstarter and am glad that they are trying to maintain the model quality better this time even if it slows down delivery.  The models are supposed to be my christmas present so hopefully they will still make it.

I think I had a feeling like this was going to happen.  I hardly every comment on the kickstarter updates but about a month ago I was asking why we were not see more production sample since they were supposed to be shipping so soon.

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