Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anyone Want to be GW CEO?

GW has listed their CEO position which is coming open at the end of the year as Kirby steps back to the boardroom after another stint as CEO for the company everyone loves or loves to hate.  They are just asking for a Letter so polish up your typewriter and tell them why you are the best person to save GW from themselves.  Obvious since Kirby is still Chairman of the Board as far as I can see, it seems unlikely that anyone with ideas drastically different (sane) from his is likely to get past whatever the very first screening is.

This is obviously some kind of farce as you are unlikely to hand over the keys to of a 180 Million Pound Company to someone you meet for the first time at the interview this outstanding letter is supposed to get you but this is GW so maybe anything is possible.  My guess is that 99.99% of anything they get here will go in the digital abyss unread to allow them to say they did an extensive search to name X as the next CEO.  If they look internally I would hope they pick whoever runs the Forge World business since it is the side the is really growing and responsible for GW not being much closer to the red.

I personally, while I have a very high level of education, do not have the right continent of residence or applicable experience in finance, sales, law, management, or corporate governance to be a legitimate candidate but might throw off a letter just for fun. Anyone over on the right side of the pound going to throw a letter GW's way.

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