Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Impact! Miniatures Trollcast Teams Kickstarter Arrives

Impact! Miniatures has started delivery on their 20 Trollcast Team kickstarter from the early summer.  The first batch of deliveries went to people who were going to be at Chaos Cup but since those are the serious players there were a lot of teams going there.  Our order came back with our leagues attendees and is in the process of being divided up within the league.  Overall the minis look pretty good.  They are resin so they can capture details that you do not see in the things like Reaper Bones, but resin has its quality control issues as anyone with Forgeworld or Finecast products will know.  Our group got like 9+ teams so that is a lot of resin to check so it might take a few weeks to compile our list of any issues.  Some of the minis have lots of little parts so some missing parts are not going to be unexpected given that he got this kickstarter from funding to starting delivery in only a few months.

Look for photos and more a more detailed review in the future.

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