Friday, September 12, 2014

BlockEm Blood Bowl League Game 1

So I got my first game in last night for the new season of the local Blood Bowl League.  This season there are 8 coaches so we are doing a round robin with a game every two weeks for the regular season.  Teams in the league have to stop playing after three seasons so their are a lot of new teams in the league.

My Chaos Dwarf team drew a Pro Elf opponent and things did not start off for me well.  Sweltering Heat was the weather which I would say favors the faster elves as it thins the players between drives.  I lost the fan roll and the kick off roll and the very first block of the game if I remember right killed a hobgoblin.  The elves tried to go around both flanks but then switched up to the middle.  They held the ball back near their end zone.  I should have sent someone anyone down there to at least force the play carrier to do something so that was stupid on my part.  After like 3-4 turns they had wormed enough guys to the other side of my lines to move up a hand off to a quick pass to the touchdown essentially moving the ball the whole length of the pitch in that turn.

I got the kickoff and the heat took its toll on the elves with them down 3 players to my 2 but I just could not break 7 or 8 armor constantly tying whatever that models values was and when I did break it I got stuns.  I did not have enough urgency to account for the slow pace of the dwarves and the failure to remove models from the pitch caused me to unable to score.

The second half sweltering heat removed one of my Bulls while the elves fully recovered.  I was able to slowly move up the pitch and did kill a line elf but was still playing 8 to 10 after a hobgoblin got KO'd.  It took me 8 turns to score but I did it in the end on a desperation play where a hobgoblin handed off to a bull (who needed a reroll to catch the ball) who then blitzed a line elf back one square (only needed a push which is all I got) and then used sprint to go for it three times including using his surefeet on the second.  Overall not a high success chance but given that I never was able to remove more than that 1 elf from the pitch it is hard to progress with the dwarves.  My opponent did a nice job of limiting my block opportunities and throwing up redundant road blocks to slow my advancement up the pitch.  When your average movement is 4.75 compared to 6.6, it can get pretty tough to find clear ground, if you are also outnumbered.

My opponent was not well versed in 1 turn touchdowns so his last turn was just used for some SPP farming and the game ended as a 1-1 tie.  I have not played any real table top blood bowl in a few years so I was pretty rusty but learned a few things.   I have played a little of the pc version but we joked that playing the single player there actually makes you a worse coach since the AI is so bad.  Good time and the gate covered the hobby so pretty much a was but I did make 11 SPP (1 Cas, 1 Touchdown, 1 Completed Pass from failed first drive, 1 MVP) so I have had worse games.  Including the winnings and results the inter season Dungeon Bowl I was able to get a Chaos Dwarf to fill the 11 man spot from the Hobgoblin add an Apothecary and get 2 of the Chaos Dwarves Guard.

Next Up I think is Nurgle since the schedule is being reworked because myself and another player could not make the regular league night.

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