Saturday, September 13, 2014

Space Hulk: GW Adds Insult to Injury

So I made my opinions about the new space hulk release known, and now GW being GW double down for me.  They have annouced iPad only "Expansion" based on other marine chapters which appear to add about 2 new weapons/rules and an unknown number of missions for each plus fluff priced at 16 dollars.   Now this is what I am looking for but they split up what might have been a nice release to include the new tiles and missions from the new version of the game into a single new expansion.  New Tiles and Counters plus rules for like 5 weapons/items/character types plus like 16 mission (4 basic and 4 for each of the three) might have been able to separate me from like 40 dollars (so 50 dollar MSRP).  The price matches up to about the cost of the 3 ipad releases but is a physical product for the large percentage of GW customers who do not have an ipad or istuff.  In their greed to squeeze every last drop out of the die hards they have once again left money on the table from the broader audience.

It also appears that the fluff and missions for these expansion are just taken from old white dwarf issues, White Dwarf 158 (SW), 201 (DA) and 205 (UM)

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