Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blood Bowl Old School Ogres

Here is my collection of old school ogres for Blood Bowl.  I have 6 total so if I do not give any to other teams could field an ogre team with them and my 2nd edition snotlings.  The guy at the top left is not an official Blood Bowl ogre but is of the same style.

They are in various states of priming/painting/stripping since most of them are second hand pick ups.  The two shinny ones are the ones that have been in the family blood bowl collection since they were first produced like 25 years ago. My dad made me spray varnish all of my leads back in the day to cut down in the lead contact which is why they are still so shiny.

I should probably do close up on them all so will do that next time I have them out.


  1. Nice. I just go out my Ogre team to work on yesterday. Newer edition however.

    1. That team is here:

      They are still in the unassembled state though.