Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lego Minifigures Series 12

Up for examination today are some of the Lego collectable minifigures from series 12.  We ended up with 9 of the 16 from this group due to a mis-identification by me.  Above we have the Pig Suit which I just got since my wife saw one in the Lego Club magazine and asked if it was related to the movie.  It is not that she liked it but I remembered her mentioning it and decided to pick it up.  We also got a Hun and our misidentified Crazy Miner who I in quick checking thought his hat made him a different figure.

Female Genie and Pale Girl who my daughter says is Wednesday from the Adams Family.

Wizard and Swashbuckler.  I have not shortages of wizards now with my Lord of the Rings and Hobbit collections so almost passed on him but I am glad I did not.

Check out that cape.  The wizards cape has great reflective cosmic symbols which match his printing.

Princess and the Frog along with Athena who has nice looking shield and is wearing sandels.  Both of these figures have the hats and hair integrated into a single piece.

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