Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lego Back to the Future

Lego came out with the Back to the Future Time Machine last year I think.  I had wanted one for a while and managed to score one as a Birthday present from my In-Laws.  This set is like the Ghostbusters one and comes with a tab lock box and thick bound instruction book with some additional information about the movies and lego set design.

The set starts with the Deloren which can be configured to match its apprentice in all three movies.  Here we have gone with the Mr. Fusion version from the first sequel.

Printed License plates.  Here I have the 1980's one up instead of the 2015 "future" one.  Scary that the future of the sequel is really the now.

The wheels turn down for hover mode and you get some clear bricks to float on.

Time Display along with Gullwing style doors as required.

Flux Capacitor all printed no decals.

Doc and Marty but Marty is the only one who really fits in the Time Machine as Doc's hair gets in the way.  You can also build the 3rd movie one with random stuff on the front and tireless wheels.  I love this set and since it is a time machine you can throw it into any layout you are working on to see if people catch it.  Marty running from a Roman vs Egyptian battle anyone.

Funny thing though, my 8 year old was not familiar with the movies at all.  I remember they used to be on USA all the time but maybe we never put that channel on anymore with 2 little ones.  We borrowed the DVD's from my in-laws and my daughter loved the first one.

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