Tuesday, November 11, 2014

GWs Worldwide CEO Hunt Finds Guy in Next Office

In impressive turnaround from supposed interviews last week, GW has announced that Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Rountree as new CEO.  I am sure that his letter was quite impressive and he is clearly the most qualified person with innovative ideas about separating the ever decreasing GW customer base from their money.

GW has been making some interesting moves with the recent releases.  The end of times books are bringing some life to the dead WFB scene but these seem like a series of very expensive transition materials which will probably be rendered not really necessary in short time.  Rules with models is a positive step but the costs are still pretty high for mass produced plastic.  The start up costs are still to high.  The new rules only book is over 50 dollars add in a 50 dollar codex and you are over a hundred to start without any models.  I will wait and see.  The models are just using up space in the garage right now and there is still space for them currently so no real issues about waiting.  Lots of games to play and models to buy from other companies. 

I did break my no GW spending rule last weekend when I picked up 4 dollars of liquid green stuff to try to fill some minor blemishes on some resin stuff.  Ofcourse these are resin pieces that work out to be a like two dollars per man sized figure as opposed to GW 8-12 dollars so a little more work is acceptable.

Back when the job opening was announced I said that the listing was really a farce to allow claims about an extensive search while naming exactly who they had chosen before the announcement.  I noted that you do not give a 180 M pound company to someone who wrote a nice letter.  They might have had a few candidates in mind who actually competed for the positions but I would guess that the serious contenders was more than you can count on a single hand.

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