Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bones II Arrive

I got my shipment for the second Bones kickstarter in yesterday.  I got less stuff than last time since the various expansions while having some interesting models never got to the level of must buy.  Overall, I do think they are better than the first wave, I did not notice quite as many really bad faces but the limp weapon syndrome is still strong.  Also some warping in the castle for the Dragons Don't Share will certainly require multiple boil and freeze cycles to fix.


  1. I got mine the other day as well. I only got the core set, but the figures so far look great for a first time buy. I found one centaur missing a hand and hove. I agree on the sword bending so if you have a suggestion on how to remedy or strnegthen the plastic it is appreciated.

    1. You can try to boil the blade part and then hold it in place in ice water to reset the plastic a little but if it really matters a ton to you you might just have to replace those from the bit box. The could fix the problem with an additional part per model with stronger formulation of the bones plastic but that adds to the cost of each model in mold and assembly.

      Thanks for coming by.