Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lego Star Wars: T-16 Skyhopper

Usually I am looking at Lego Sets at the end of their production run as I try to get them on clearance but today I have a brand new release for the Star Wars line, the T-16 Skyhopper.  This set retails at 25 dollars and comes with 2 minifigures, a rat, and the suborbital Skyhopper ship.

The minifigures are a red skyhopper pilot and a Tusken Raider.  Both have been released before but are updated with new printing for this release.  The raider has a new modeled head.  I have talked about this is the past that I prefer the standard lego heads with printing to the lower grade plastic molds.  They make the minifigures look more like action figures than Legos.

The pilot has a two sided head and both have front and back printing.

Now looking at the Skyhopper, this ship is neither a star fighter or a speeder.  It is probably closer in use to the Cloud Cars that show up on Bespin.  The Lego one is based on a model that Luke holds during New Hope which apparently represents an upgraded version from the one he flies when he is goofing off with his friends after his chores are done.  The T-16 is produced by the same company that makes the X-Wing so the controls are similar adding some plausibility to Luke jumping in one and out dueling experienced imperial pilots.

The Lego model has an decorative underbelly pneumatic cannon modeled but also has two of the new spring loaded shooters on the wings.  The Griffin logo and the gray on the window panel are both stickers instead of printed pieces.

The back shows the Ion Drive system along with some of the technic components that hold everything together.

The pilot goes in by lifting the side panels with storage in the back.

Overall this is a very good kit.  They have not released a skyhopper is quite a while and this update is certainly well done.  The ship is very swooshable and has created a real problem at home for me.

I got this set as a Valentines Day gift from my loving wife but my three year old son helped me put it together and now he says it is his.  He also wants to play with all my other ships and minifigures like all the time.  My wife says it is my fault for showing him all my "cool" stuff and then telling him not to touch and putting them all away in the storage area.  I had to set up a little bin of a couple of ships with some excess minifigures to control what he can touch.  I guess that is what I get for collecting toys.

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