Monday, April 20, 2015

X-Wing Miniatures: Imperial VT-49 Decimator

The VT-49 Decimator is the third imperial medium sized ship and the biggest in that class.

I am not sure what the canon source for this ship is.  I do not recall ever seeing it anywhere but I am only a star wars nerd not a star wars supernerd regardless of what my wife would tell you.

I personally like the look.  Distinct from the other ships but still with the Imperial touches.

Look I am just a really fat Tie.  Call me Whale Shark Tie.

Some detailing underneath.

Only 4 pilots, with only 1 generic.  This ship has some serious Hull but no defense so needs it.  I am not really tapped into the meta but I do think that all the named pilots look pretty good.  They can also hold a lot of crew plus torpedoes and bombs but no cannons or systems style ones.

None of these cards really jump up at me Ruthlessness might be great in a swarm meta though.

Since you have a lot of space for crew there are new unique crew members.  Not sure on these but my creativity and experience are limited.  Mara seems like a good one to drop in if you have a few extra points left over.


  1. I just like how this ship deals damage to other ships in base contact with it. My buddy is always ramming his ships into me...its payback time!

    1. I am experimenting with Captain Dicunn and Anti-Pursuit Lasers at the moment. You damage ships that you crash into and, with the relatively low pilot skill, ships that crash into you later have a chance of taking damage as well.

    2. Just need a trick to keep your actions.