Friday, April 17, 2015

I Hate Wizards

My second season with the Chaos Dwarves in the local Blood Bowl league is going well.  I am at the top of the table with 3 wins and 2 ties but certainly still need some more points in my last 3 games against some stiff competition to make the playoffs.  In my most recent 3 games I have been giving up serious inducements which has seen the deployment of the dreaded wizard against my slow and plodding rushing attack.  All wizards have been successful in knocking down my ball carrier (including giving my top scorer -1 AV yesterday) but only one has stopped my drives.  That one was the first fireball, I was hit by and has forced me to be thoughtful in my placements since.  I am not a fast scorer so single lost drive will generally cost me the game.  I certainly still need a lot of work on my offensive and defense game plans.


  1. What team are you using?

    I love BB. Wish I could get the local guys into playing it. I know they'd love it if they tried it. It's just getting them to try it...

    1. It is always hard to get people to play a different game but the current version of blood bowl is great as both one off and league play.

      I am currently using my third edition chaos dwarves (those of the funny hats) as the team Black Death formerly of the World Edge Superleague.

    2. So true. The beauty of BB is it's easy to learn, cheap to get into and super fun. One of these days I'll convert some over.

      Ah yes, that would explain the slow plodding drives. Wizards would definitely be a pain considering.