Tuesday, May 26, 2015

X-Wing Miniatures: YT-2400 Freighter

Maybe this is why I play Dead Games like Blood Bowl.  Here we are looking at another Big Rebel ship with a turret, the YT-2400, but I think the Meta has already moved on with an upgrade card in one of the scum and villainy packs to cut the value of turrets.

This is sort of an interesting looking ship.  Lots of details, color markings, and carbon scoring.  I think I remember having a ship like this in the X-Wing Allaince game but I am not sure.  That cannon on top looks pretty big and does not appear to have much elevation control which is certainly an issue in 3D space combat.

Really funny pods/bubbles on the cockpit.

For people who like to repaint or mod with lights the engine section definitely needs some work.

Only 4 pilots, 1 generic and 3 unique.  Unlike the Falcon pack all the ship stats are the same. Eaden will work well in a list that can give out stress.  Leebo looks good if large ships are an issue for you but might need some help generating criticals.

 Lots of cards in the box.  Outrider seems pretty expensive to turret mount the heavy cannon.  Dash seems nice for a big ship.

Lone wolf seems like a fair card for a two big ship list.  Most of these cards seem like different ways of bringing in effects that already exist but the card list has gotten so big now I have a hard time remembering them all.

I am still sort of surprised that I have not seen more fixed list type of missions for X-Wing.  The big ships have their mini campaigns but I have sort of expected more.


  1. X-wing meta moves so fast. I think our local group curtailed it a bit by limiting what waves we play.

    1. Limiting the cards and ships used would certainly cut out the deck building stuff but I am sure people think that is a lot of the fun.

  2. I like the mechanics of xwing and have an assortment of ships from the first 3 waves but started to get annoyed when it became apparent even if you didn't want particular ships you needed to buy them for the cards to keep your existing ships viable. I was hopping boost packs of cards would come out to adjust values and to make all cards (other than pilots) in a wave available with out buying each ship. But it is a good game and I know why so many other games have now used its mechanics.

  3. There is certainly room for card paroxies between friends. I think some of the online list builders will spit out the card text also.