Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I am In

I am going to try the 6MMRPC.  This is a pledge to not buy any miniatures for six months while you work on your existing projects.  I was already on this type of plan but formalizing it is helpful.  There are a couple of work arounds to allow you to buy a model or two to fill in a unit or such.  This should hopefully keep me off of kickstarter and ebay looking at stuff.  Just a little extra push to help the weak willed.  While I am showing my marines up top, I plan on working on my blood bowl teams some of which are shown below.

I have already started to paint my Slann team for the fall season of the local Blood Bowl league. When those are finished, I will work on my partially painted Chaos, Undead, and convert Lizardmen.


  1. It is an interesting idea for those who had hoardes of miniatures back log. I previously made a post about reducing my hobby porn backlog as I call it. I haven't got the posting done, but I am making more progress than I thought.

    I think you are on the right track by narrowing it down to one game, one army, one unit. My question is are you painting the Slann team are you working one at a time?

    1. Single model at a time. I am a very slow painter anyway but by focusing on just one model, I can see real progress each time I sit down and work. The huge backlog is sort of overwhelming. I find even looking a whole unpainted team a little disheartening.

  2. Welcome aboard! Very glad to have you and look forward to seeing your progress!