Monday, July 20, 2015

6MMRPC: Green Menace Orcs Assembled

Back when Mantic was running their Dungeon Saga Kickstarter I ordered a couple of their things to get an idea of what their products were like.  I have not really used them yet other than to test Dungeon Saga rules but with the shipping of the Kickstarter rewards supposedly only a few months off I thought I should at least get the figures assembled.  Cannot really game with pieces of minis.

Dwarf Kings Quest: Green Menace comes with 8 orcs.  Two identical sprues with 3 axe and shield orcs and then one sprue with 2 great axe orcs.  No bases at all which is a bit of an annoyance since the models are not as stable as one would like.   First thing to note is that these models are small compared to GW WHFB scale.  I am sure they would seem tiny compared to Age of Sigmar stuff.

I tried to vary the limited components between the six orcs to make each a little different.  I think if this is what the full 20 unit for a battle game was made from it would get pretty boring pretty fast.  I made one left handed for a little more variance.

The great axes are just 2 model on the sprue and seem to only really go together like this.

Overall the models are fine if small and since these are for a board game and not a battle game the lack of options you would find in a GW kit is not a big deal.  These models are also like 4-5 years old so Mantic has run 2 kickstarters for their Kings of War game since these were produced so maybe their new stuff is more up to the standards of other companies. I think I paid like a dollar per model so that is not to bad to GW now being 3-35 dollars per man sized plastic guy.


  1. I have some round bases you can have for them if you want. I replaced a bunch of bases on my deadzone stuff so have plenty spare.

    I can get them into Matt Vanderby's hands I think.

    1. Since they have facing in the game probably need 25 mm square bases. Thanks for the offer, I have a bunch of round bases lying around. Not many square though.