Wednesday, July 22, 2015

X-Wing: Most Wanted Expansion

So today I will look at the Scum and Villainy faction Most Wanted Expansion Pack.  This is a repaint pack like Imperial or Rebel Aces in that ships are not new but repainted versions of early releases but it is significantly different as it is using those ships for the new Underworld faction.

So you get 3 ships and a bunch of cards and items for the 40 dollar price.  You will see that in addition to 3 ships there are 6 dials because the set includes cards for using a Firespray and Hwk-290 as well as an additional Y-wing in the box as part of the Scum faction.  That allows this box while only containing about 50 points of ships to be leveraged by existing collections into a standard 100 point force with some options.  One disappointment is that the rule sheet does not have any new missions or mission objectives unlike most of the other big expansion packs.

The color scheme is a brownish red.  I like the yellow astromech.

The 2 Z-95 are painted as members of the Black Sun gang and look pretty good.

Four pilot levels for the Y-Wing.  Kavil is an obvious choice for turret weapons but maybe not the ion as it is limited to just needing to hit so does not optimally use his extra die.  Note that the astromech upgrade is different from the rebel one with the trapezoid instead of round head in the icon.

Four pilots again for the Z-95.  The card text is not great though.  Stealing tokens might be useful if combined with a ship who is generating extra but that ship is usually pretty expensive.  The bonus attack die is good but Z-95 are pretty soft targets who should probably not be flying solo a ton.

I love the look of the HWK-290 but generally it always seems pretty subpar support ship in a game where it is hard to sacrifice 20-30% of your ship pool for support.  Not sure if any of these improve its lot in live though, 

Four firespray pilots.  Note that the lowest skill level is 5 and he can get a pilot skill upgrade also.

Five choices for the salvaged Astromech upgrade which as noted is different from the rebel astromech so you cannot share the cards between the two factions.  One the Y-wing can take these which seems like a waste as some seem pretty nice.

Scum only crew members.

Ship upgrades including the scum only Illicit "Hot Shot" Blaster.  The two Y-Wing only ones might be interesting for rebel Y-Wings.  Losing the turret for the second attack is interesting but the poor maneuvering of the Y-wing probably makes it not worth the trade.

I like this box.  While I would not say it is a whole new way to play it is nice to have another group involved for a little more variance in matchups.

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