Wednesday, July 8, 2015

6MMRPC: The True Test of Willpower

I am now facing the test of my willpower for the 6MMRPC from 2 fronts.  Reaper has started their third Bones Kickstarter and someone offered up Age of Sigmar to me at like 35% off.  I am a sucker for deals but I must be strong.  I have no need for more miniatures that will not be used or more games that will not be played.  I have my 300+ Bones miniatures from the first 2 none of which has seen a drop of paint and only been used for try out games of the Mantic Dungeon Saga Rules.  I had Battle of Skull Pass and played WHFB a grand total of zero times.  I will fight the good fight and keep the pile from growing.  It is only a deal if you are going to use them.

Remembering all the gaming stuff I have laying around is very helpful in times like these.

Warhammer 40K: Space Marines 7-8K Points, Most Unpainted, A few unassembled.
Warhammer 40K: Tyranids ~1500 Points, All unpainted, lots not assembled.
Blood Bowl: 40+ Teams, None fully painted, several unassembled.
Epic: 2 Space Marine Forces, 1 Eldar, and 1 Squat nothing painted.
Dark Future:  Not painted, weapons not attached.
D&D Chainmail: 100+ Miniatures, Most not painted.
Reaper Bones I and II base sets which is easily 300+ minis not painted.
X-Wing:  All of the releases up to but not including Scum and Villian and big Empire Ship.
Project Pandora: Assembled but not painted.
Dwarf Kings Hold: Green Menace Still on Sprue
D&D Coop Boardgames: Ravenloft, Ashradlon, and Drizzit.

Plus I have Dungeon Saga stuff about 170 pieces inbound this fall.
(I totally forgot my Space Hulk set also)

I do not need to buy anything.  I need to play, assemble, and paint.  And play and play and play what I already have.  What am I doing writing a blog post, I have so much other stuff to work on.


  1. "I have no need for more miniatures that will not be used or more games that will not be played."

    When you say it with "I" it makes it a bit more personal for you. I take this approach for new games and I to see the new Bones III, but my Bones II miniatures haven't seen anything done with them as of yet.

    "It is only a deal if you are going to use them."

    Strong statement, is this new way of thinking for yourself or just general coming to?

    1. Just trying to remember that I have plenty of stuff. Way more than I need or can really even use. Thanks for coming by.