Tuesday, July 7, 2015

6MMRPC: Blood Bowl Star Players

Not much accomplished this week.  I did finally get the painting station reset after having it covered with stuff from my daughters room which was being painted while we were on our trip.  I pulled out 3 Blood Bowl Star Players and cleaned them up of flash and made sure they were assembled.  I also started on painting the next Slann Blitzer for the Innsmouth Eagles.  Very weak progress.

So above we have Boomer Eziasson, Zara the Slayer, and Slibli.

Boomer or as he was known in the catalog, Dwarf with Bomb, is probably a star player who rarely sees the pitch.  He is an AG 2 bomber with Accurate which means he will miss a lot and really should not be throwing farther than short pass since past that he has the same chance of fumbling as hitting the target.

(Note Tristan correctly points out this is wrong and he is pretty good especially for norse)

To bad since the model is pretty nice.

Slibli is a skilled up Saurus with Block, Grab, Guard, and a +1 Move but nothing really special.  Model again has nice detailing.  But he seems an unlikely choice for holding the ball.

Looks like a little gap under the arm to fill.

Zara is a solid player and I did run into in a tournament once and I was playing Necromantic so the Stakes worked.  I like that instead of a Cross she has a Hammer pendant.  All ready for Age of Sigmar.  This model had a lot of vent strands that needed to be cleaned off.

Not sure if heels is really the way to go.  Maybe they have cleats on them.

Another Star Player with the ball.  I guess a Strength 4 Blodger is a solid ball carrier but will steal your SPPs.

It is almost to bad that you do not see more Star Players used since the later models are often pretty nicely done.


  1. You are totally wrong about boomer - he rocks!! Especially on a norse team - where at worst you get a dwarf lineman type stat with AV9.

    Because of accurate, his agility doesn't really matter when throwing the bomb. All he needs to do is not roll a modified or unmodified 1. Accurate is +1, so he can even throw a long pass and only fumble on a 1. Who cares if it's accurate, it just needs to get there and blow stuff up!

    1. You are correct. My error. Thanks for the info. I will be learning all about bombs next season with Matt taking Goblins.