Thursday, July 16, 2015

X-Wing: Rogue Squadron RPG?

So I am wondering if anyone has taken the ship fighting rules from X-Wing and used it as a basis for RPG style game play.  I might be able to get my eldest interested in something like that since she likes Star Wars but does not really like verses game play.  Basic idea would be that she would start with a rookie pilot in a classic rebel ship and then fly some missions with me as a wingman but also controlling the opponent ships.  Earn experience for kills, mission success, survival which can be spent to increase pilot skill, learn elite skills, or expand your equipment pool (ie different ship, upgrades, droids, crew, etc).

First mission I was thinking about was trying to stop a lone Tie fighter from crossing the long way on the dinner table but it is through an asteroid field to restrict movement and fire angles a little.

I remember this as the way we played Battletech for years with the Mechwarrior rpg rules.  Probably have to add karma or some fate type mechanic to all the pc's a little extra so that they can go up against tough odds at some point and pull through. 


  1. Go one step further. Escalate to armada eventually :)

    1. That is a pretty big jump from a rookie x-wing pilot to captain of a cruiser. I think a campaign like this would probably conclude with the players in charge of a Corvette trying to run a blockade with some secret plans.