Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blood Bowl: Chaos Dwarves Retrospective

I finished my second season with my Chaos Dwarf Team Black Death recently.  Made the playoffs again after only losing one game due to a bunch of ties but lost again to the player who had beaten me recently.  Overall pretty successful as I am not a great player regardless of how big my collection is and my league has regular tournament players who go to many events a year around the midwest.  One time I was randomly reading a blog post about an event and saw that the winner and runner up where both in my league.  When I sent out a league email congratulating them on their success, another player commented what about him for 4th place which I did not know since I did not see him in any pictures.

During my time with Chaos Dwarves I ran into the classic question, To Minotaur or Not To Minotaur.  Chaos Dwarves have 2 strong and fast players, your 6 stout and slow dwarves, then the basic hobgoblins.  I was finding myself out muscled at the end of my first season with ending loses against a super Lizardman team and a Khemri team so I picked up the Minotaur going into the playoffs with those same teams.  The first season in the league also allows the coach to assign MVPs so he just needed a casualty in the first match to get his first skill up if I assigned him the MVP.  I cannot say he has not done his job generating a CAS per game on average but used many Blitzes and failed more than a few wild animals at the worst times.  Chaos Dwarves already have solid blitzers in their Bulls once they get Block.

As the second season progressed the league has moved to more Ag based which lead to a problem of having one more player who could not respond to that and not having enough hobgoblins on the field to take the fouling game to the proper place to deal with those gutter runners, witch elves, or elf catchers when they are on the ground. He also somehow became of MVP magnet getting 4 of the 9 random MVPS in the second season.  While this got him 3 chances to get that double for block, he never did but more importantly it further slowed the development of my dwarves and bulls who could have really used those SPP.  Only 2 of the MVPS in the nine games landed on a Dwarf or Bull even though they are more than 60% of the team.

He ended up with a team value of like 210,000 which was the most in the league and larger than the Strength Boosted High Elf and Dark Elf blitzers in the league who made those two teams have something a little extra.
That is just bad luck and probably not going to be other people experiences but I will try to avoid the big guy for my next team.  He seemed like a crutch that led to sloppy play.  Ofcourse what will happen next season is I wil run into the killers early and they will just decimate my team.  I have never played Slann before so I expect that this will be a season with a lot of L's compared to the Chaos Dwarves where I only lost 3 regular season games out of 15 across the two season.

One thing to note is that the league only allows a team to play for 3 seasons before retirement to keep it fresh and not let one team with a few really great players dominate for years.  My Chaos Dwarves only used 2 of their 3 seasons so could be available again in the future once I have played another team at least one season.


  1. I find the big guys are a great threat. Get them into contact and let them plow over some guys, dice willing. I usually don't blitz with them unless it's my best option or last resort.

    1. I gave him stand firm to keep people from pushing him away but people general dodge away instead and as a wild animal he has to blitz to have better than 50-50 to move.

    2. So much depends on rolls with him. If you can get him tentacles then he's great for just parking.

    3. If only that was not a doubles skill for him unlike the Chaos team minotaur. Hard not to take Block on that double if you get one.