Monday, August 3, 2015

6MMRPC: Green Menace Elves Assembled

I finished with the assembly of the models for the Mantic's Dwarf Kings Hold: Green Menace boardgame.  I had the Orcs up previously so here are the elves.  You get 20 elves plus 1 sabrecat split between Bowmen and Spearmen.  Strangely some of the bodies on the 2 different sprues are the same and there was a noticeable lack of spare weapons since both sprues appear to be the command versions.  Above I have the more dynamic bowman positions with 3 actually using their bows.

Here are the more ranked up able bowmen who I guess are planning a using their bows as clubs against the orcs.  In the game the bowmen fight in close combat as well as the spear guys so maybe the corners are sharp for some stabbing.

In the center for the spearmen, you can see two of the command guys with the swords.  I cut down the bottom of the banner to make it more spear like since you really do not carry a banner into a dungeon.  I would have liked to put something else there but they there were no other options between the two sprues really for that left arm.  Seriously, I could not find another left arm on the sprues.

This is the remainder of the spearmen.  Overall they were fine to assemble but did not really have a lot of options for the positioning of the spears.  Almost feels like they swing the spears as opposed to stab with them.  The models are also very slight with very slim lines.  I could have tried some kit bashing to fix the arm issue with the banner guy but I was afraid that the pieces would break as I tried to cut them down.

The styling is very different from GW with the models being smaller with very unhuman proportions around the waist.  It is not bad but very different in feel.  These are pretty old models for Mantic now so I assume that their newer sets have a little more customization but they might not since that is not what their Kings of War game is about.

So now I can finally give the game a try.  This is one of the reasons why I think boardgames work best with single piece or preassembled minis.  You get a new game and are all excited but if you need to learn the rules and put together a bunch on minis to play, it can really stop you before you get started.  I guess that attitude is from my games first side for which the miniatures are there to allow you to play the game with just a little more enjoyment not the game is there for you to have something to do with the miniatures.  That must be why I am not GW's target audience anymore.

Mantic has started showing off some more of the models for the Dungeon Saga game which is supposed to start shipping out in the early fall.  I have some thoughts on what I have seen but am awaiting some comments from Mantic before I discuss them.

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