Monday, August 24, 2015

Dungeon Saga Weekend

Last Weekend Beasts of War did a Dungeon Saga weekend where anyone can watch 5 (6 for members) videos of them unpacking and playing Dungeon Saga.  They unbox the game, play the 2 introductory missions, play the first real mission, and talk about what is coming later.  Overall it is pretty nice presentation of the game, some mistakes with the rules as they were learning but that is probably normal.  I do not normally watch BoW but the larger gentleman seemed a little overly excited while the bald gentleman seemed to have taken the time to actually think about the game between the first 2 demo missions and the real one to figure out some of the finer details.  The game looks solid with pretty simple mechanics but important positioning and activation ordering decisions and the overlord deck making the game as tough as the overlord is crafty.  The missions they showed where mainly A to B style so hopefully there will be other types but I think the idea was that they broke up an epic 8 hour gaming quest into more reasonable pieces so they could better balance them between the players vs the overlord since the overlord is not a neutral storyteller but really a player on his own side.

I am looking forward to my pile of stuff showing up sometime this fall.  It will probably be divided with some of it getting put away until Christmas so I will probably be dragging out the review process.  I am still sort of concerned that they have yet to show much from the expansions since it is all supposed to ship out at the same time to backers who got that stuff as well as the basic pledge.  The basic pledge includes some of the plastic minis (not the bosses) for the expansions and that is what we have seen so hopeful the card and book printing is running at a good turn around rate.

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