Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chaos Dreadhold Brings the Pain

To Your Wallet.  Wow is this stuff expensive.  Seems to be at about 25 dollars per sprue.  But I do note that recently I have been looking for some plastic more traditional fantasy/medieval terrain and have not found many cheap/good options here in the states.  There are very few plastic options, the laser cut stuff seems to have to be shipped in from overseas, and the resin stuff is a bit fragile to be using with my kids.  On average the stuff seems to run about 30 dollars a piece so GW is pretty inline with that.

I have a reasonable table of 40K terrain with craters, crashed lander, and cities of death buildings,  but nothing really for fantasy.  All we have is the ruined tower from the Bones Dragon's Don't Share and it is still pretty warped so not assembled yet.

What are everyones favorite piece of purchased fantasy terrain?


  1. I have a clock tower from Custom Kingdoms I quite like. Comes painted, which accounts for it's price point.

    I managed to find a scan of the warhammer village. It's a bunch of cardboad terrain. I have it printed and done up in foamcore for more toughness.

    Ainsty and Fenris games both do some lovely stuff, but it's resin and pricey.

  2. That is pretty good looking. Not to pricey given GW charges like 50-60 dollars for towers that are not assembled or painted.