Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Quit

Says the Hobgoblin.  He somehow does not think this is fair and would like to retire.

No I have no plans of actually using the model from the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter as a Beast of Nurgle for Blood Bowl.  I already have the newer beast metal model or a chaos spawn for that role. It would clearly be a model for a more powerful thing that would not be found on the pitch regardless of the teams affiliation.  Just thought it was a funny concept to take the problem of big guys not fitting in their squares to the limit.

Just got my email about scheduling the next season of the local Blood Bowl League.  Taking my Slann so I will probably be going from a play off coach to the cellar dweller for the next season as I have never played or seen Slann be played.  Lots of on the job training.


  1. Where do you play BB?

    I wish there was a league near me....

  2. I am in about an 8 person league in Ann Arbor but I hear of a 20+ person league in the greater Detroit area.

    You can always try to start one. I think the one I am in started with like 4 or so people.