Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lego Star Wars: Snow Speeder

This Star Wars Snow Speeder was one of the sets that came out around last Christmas.  It is a small set at the 30 dollar price point with just a speeder and 3 minifigures.  This would probably been only a 20 dollar set a few years ago but Lego prices have been going up like they are health care items.

For minifigures you get a Luke, Dak, and Snow Trooper.  Luke's helmet has more details printed and Luke's pants are some printed now.  The snow trooper is also different from my other 5 or 6 with a skirt and a new backpack style that is no longer done as an extension of the helmet.

Two sided heads including visor up for Luke and back printing.  I am not sure if any of my other orange pilots have back printing.  I will have to check that.

Speeder looks pretty faithful.  Except for the canopy all the markings are stickers which is a bummer.  Lego has really cut down on the custom printing on bricks.

Both guys fit pretty well under the canopy.

The harpoon got an upgrade with the new blasters as the basis so it will actually shoot to the string length if you unroll it first.

It goes farther than that.  Just a shot which better shows the turret mounted blaster with some elevation adjustment.

They have also added two of the spring loaded missiles that they use with the lines pretty commonly now.  I guess they have rounded ends but care should definitely be taken not to hit anyone in the eye.

This is my second snow speeder with my first one coming from the Wampa Cave Set from a few years ago.  The new speeder is longer by 2 studs and has the new shooter features so a solid improvement.  Anyone you need more than 1 speeder if you plan on taking on an AT-AT and defending Echo Base so a good pick up. 

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