Friday, August 7, 2015

X-Wing: M3-A Interceptor

The M3-A Interceptor is a small ship for the Scum and Villainy faction which has a range of price points 15,20,30, and 40 dollars. The 20 dollars ship sort of struck me as an unfortunate development as I now expect to see more small base ships in that range in the future.  These items are already very expensive for what they contain but X-Wing is still selling strong.  In the set you get the standard selection of items for the game.

The ship has an interesting color scheme with purple and green.  This is another extended universe ship that I have never seen or heard off before.  The X-Wing game has reminded me that I am not as big of a Star Wars nerd as I thought I was.

Single Engine in the back.

Some detailing on the underside.

Four pilot options which is sort of low for a ship starting at 14 points.  The stat lines are very tie like with total of 3 hits allowed with 1 shield and 2 hull.  Pretty full action bar but bare upgrade bar.  Defensive special card text for the two unique pilots.

Here we see the resolution of the upgrade bar.  You can add an attack type upgrade for 2 points plus the cost of the upgrade.  That makes the upgrade pretty expensive especially for single use items.  This compares to some of the upgrade cards in other sets which get you price reductions on things. So I would guess these are probably going to show up pretty bare or with a cannon upgrade for the heavy versions.


  1. Can probably combine the single use items with the "failsafe" upgrade, so they always hit!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion.
      That is an option but that adds another point so you are at like 6-8 points for a 14 point ship. Not sure that is the best use of those points.