Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lego Hobbit: Mirkwood Elf Army

Another Lego Set to look at from the Hobbit Movies, Mirkwood Elf Army.  This Hobbit set is another with very limited match with anything that happened in the movies.  I guess it is from when the Orcs are trying to get the dwarves as they float down the river and fight with the elves who have a gate set up at the edge of their domain.  That is one of the scenes in the movies that went on to long and turned what could have been 2 good movies into 3 not so good ones.

The set has a nice selection of figures with 2 Orcs, 1 Warg, Thranduil, elf fighter, and 2 elf bowmen.  So it is very much an army builder type box with just the Elf King as the unique type of figure.

Double Sided Heads and Torso printing which is pretty much the standard for these sets now.

The build part of the set is this small wall piece along with a treehouse/tower on one end.  Not really impressive but the elf printed shield is pretty neat.  The wall is only about a minifigure high so more of a fence but multiple ones will combine pretty well to make a real barrier.

Other end of the treehouse shows some weapon storage.

Other than a flick fire missile in the center of the wall section the play features are limited to a character catapult to have an elf warrior fly out of hiding in the tower to get some orcs.

Post Launch.

Overall the set is almost exactly what it says, Elf Mirkwood Army.  This set nicely expands the elf and orc forces from other Hobbit sets and multiples with the pretty generic tan wall can be combined into something more interesting with only one unique style minifigure.

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