Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Warpath Kickstarter Day 1

The Mantic Games kickstarter for the Warpath game has finished its first day with about 185K in funding.  They set their initial goal very low as per standard Mantic style.  They essentially are offering 2 levels of pledge with a rules only version at like 50 dollars and the starter game version at 125 with choice of either a 2 player set or a single larger force.

The 2 player set is about 50 minis while the Battlegroups are between 35-50 minis but often include the larger ones compared to mainly basic infantry in the starter.  Right now in terms of value they are pretty in line with GW standard starter offering except for the extra vehicle in the pledge.  I am currently not looking for more miniatures and while Mantic stuff is more sci fi compared to GW's knights in space it does not really call to me.  It is early though so maybe it will pick up a few more things as it goes along.

They released an Alpha ruleset which I have already talked about which reminded me very much of Epic Armageddon but have not provided any real info for the include Firefight game which would be of most interest to me as I really think that 28 mm games with fire arms probably should not involve 100 models  on a side in such a tight area as a 6*4 board.  Anybody else taken a look at the rules?

Little Update:  I do note that the shipping costs are extra for this kickstarter even for the base level pledges which hurts the value levels.

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