Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Problem with Building Big Miniatures

I was trying to get some models assembled that I had been storing a little while.  Ofcourse a problem shows up when you attach the wings and stuff.  The models no longer fit in the little boxes you had them stored in.  Most of the other bones got back into their boxes but these guys were all to big.  It is mainly the wings.  Still a couple more of the really big bones stuff to get assembled.

Now smart people know that you really should paint stuff like this in parts and then assemble them but I am being realistic that this stuff will probably never be painted.  If it is assembled it might get used by someone for something though.  While I was assembling these guys my kids were talking all the other bones and dumping them out of their sorted boxes, building houses/walls out of the boxes, and having the bones stand on the walls.

Here are two closer shots of Narthrax.


  1. Never paint! At least prime white and throw on some washes :)

    1. with that treatment and some PVA you can get a big monster done in under an hour, they are actually quicker than a normal 28mm infantry figure sometimes if done with just a couple of colours.

    2. Just being realistic that they are more likely to be used for something unpainted by assembled than get painted than assembled first.

    3. Need to be careful with primers on thew bones. Some of them have solvents that melt the bones a little.