Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lego Hobbit: Witch King Battle

Today we look at the small lego set from the final Hobbit movie.  The set is titled Witch King Battle and comes with 3 figures and a small piece of ruins.

This small set is all about the figures and they are pretty good.  You get Elrond in Battlegear, Galadriel, and the Witch King of Angmar in ghostly form as opposed to a Dark Rider from the Attack on Weathertop.  Nice printing on the fronts of the models.  Elrond's and Galadriel's hair pieces are the same except for different colors.

Everyone has a cloak.  Galadriel's has sparkles which is a nice touch.

Under the cloaks, we see the printed backs and the double sided heads for the heroes and the full head printing for the witch king.

I am not sure why buy Lego seems to think every set needs some type of catapult.  Here we have part of the skeleton used as the front of the launcher to send out I guess the magical bursts.  Really not sure.  This is really just the part of the set that allows them to claim it is a building set to not get into problems with companies that might have the action figure license.

This set is about the minifigures.  If you want those guys this is the set to get them and the cost is about what 3 of the collectible blind bags costs so not great but not unreasonable.  I think that the battle armor Elrond was available previously in a DVD/Blue Ray collectors type thing but this is the only Galadriel I have seen.  To say that the Hobbit and LOTR sets are short on female figures is an understatement.  Ofcourse the Hobbit book was so short on female characters that they had to add one for the movie series.   

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